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About MetalPress

MetalPress is a well-established company with over 60 years of experience in production of  ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) accessories, such as: air-conditioning equipment, air diffusion products, fire dampers, fans and blowers ,smoke removal natural or forced ventilation systems for buildings as well as car park ventilation systems, stairway pressurization systems, automatic smoke removal windows, shutters and domes.


MetalPress is a successful family owned and operated metal factory with an established reputation for excellence in manufacturing standard and tailor-made products precisely designed and implemented for its customers’ specific needs.


Metalpress' Motto: "Buy Better, Pay Less" is being supported by offering high quality products and capabilities at competitive prices. Its strong and very professional working force provides  customers with top service and know-how that meet the demands of the changing market trends and economical situations.


MetalPress' R&D department is constantly working to develop, improve and update its current production lines, as well as implementing new and advanced products, production techniques and their adaptation to special projects. We believe that the early involvement in the engineering and architectural planning is a very important point in cases where the products have to be customized to the building according to their function and their general design. Therefore, we work closely with architects, planning engineers, contractors and project managers. 


Today, positioning itself as a leading force in the local air condition accessories industry, MetalPress has also a significant presence in the European and other markets that has constantly increased and expended in the last 15 years by MetalPress International Ltd.


MetalPress International Ltd., focusing on the export activities  is also  in charge of all  joint ventures , sourcing  and other international activities.


Being a valued business partner of numerous prominent air conditioning distributors, wholesalers and  contractors in Europe, Africa and Asia.                

MetalPress has an impressive references list which presents Metalpress' experience and capabilities around the world.

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