Wireless CO Detector

Wireless CO detector C-50co-RF.

The unique and cost-effective safety solution both at times of emergency and at daily routine.

7 benefits – in 1 smart system:

1. Reliable CO monitoring.
2. Activating ventilation at preset CO levels and locations.
3. Significant saving on cables and wiring cost.
4. Energy savings due to the control over blower’s activity.
5. Aesthetic look.
6. Separate monitoring and calibration of each sensor.
7. Temperature measurement and alert at preset levels.

This way, an alert can be sent even before the fire’s detection reacts.


• Wireless communication using RF radio waves.
• Adjustable frequency to meet country specifications.
• Batteries: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries.
• A transmitter for every 24 detectors or floor.
• Low-battery signal light.
• Detector size: 100mm width, 77mm height, 40mm depth.
• Sensor longevity: 5 years.
• Meets VDI2053- standards.

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