MetalGuard 13® EW-120 Glazed fire partition


EW-120 glazed fire partition conforms to the requirements of the Israeli standard. 931, and ensures fire resistance for 120 minutes!

(It is must to install curtain sprinklers adjacent to the partition).

The fire partitions are manufactured and installed by Metalpress, design and built in cooperation with POLFLAM to meet your safety and planning needs in full.

All of the company’s products are CUSTOM MADE, so you can enjoy the maximum fit to the dimensions of the building and the architectural requirements, and of course, while maintaining all the requirements of the standard and the required levels of protection.

  • Including assembly of constructions, approved by a Contracture.
  • Fire resistance up to 120 minutes!
  • Possibility of decorative bins for finishing the color of the partitions.
  • No height and width limit!
  • The partition comes in large sizes with glass panels up to 13 square meters.
  • Thin and elegant Steel profiles.
  • Fire-resistant sealed elements can be glazed in the shade of frames instead of glass.
  • The partition element can be divided on demand.
  • You can get in RAL color.

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