MetalGuard 35® FR EI-120 Glazed fire partition


Glazed fire partition, complies with Israeli Standard 931 and ensures fire resistance for 120 minutes!

The fire partitions are manufactured and installed by Metalpress, design and built in cooperation with POLFLAM to meet your safety and planning needs in full.

The uniqueness of the partition is that it is composed of a single glass panel, type EI-120. Maximum dimensions of 1500X3000 mm.

As such, glass quality allows installation of a partition without the need for expensive curtain sprinklers.

You can combine fire-resistant glass panel in the wall of the building, including the use of one of the coatings located on the project walls / floors / ceilings.

All of the company’s products are CUSTOM MADE, so you can enjoy the maximum fit to the dimensions of the building and the architectural requirements, and of course, while maintaining all the requirements of the standard and the required levels of protection.

  • Fire partition for up to 120 minutes without the need for sprinklers
  • Maximum area for glass panel: 1500X3000 mm, glass thickness: 35 mm.
  • Acoustic attenuation of RW-45dB.
  • Tested and approved by the Standards Institute of Israel according to IS 931 And the European standard PN-EN 1364 -1.
  • The partition panel is with steel profiles covered with a fireproof gypsum.
  • Finishing can be done in any material (wood / gypsum / aluminum / steel).
  • You can create a glass wall in the form of an arch.
  • The partition fits in perfectly with the glazed fire door.

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