MetalGuard BR® EI-120 Glazed fire partition All-Glass


Glazed fire partition, All Glass designed, complies with Israeli Standard 931 and ensures fire resistance for 156 minutes!

The fire partitions are manufactured and installed by Metalpress, design and built in cooperation with POLFLAM to meet your safety and planning needs in full.

The uniqueness of the partition, that there is no demand for steel columns between the glass panels.
The glass plate grip is only at the top and bottom of the partition, with the gaps between the glasses panels sealed with unique adhesives.

Height up to 3,000 mm, width up to 8,000 mm – almost unlimited length!

All of the company’s products are CUSTOM MADE, so you can enjoy the maximum fit to the dimensions of the building and the architectural requirements, and of course, while maintaining all the requirements of the standard and the required levels of protection.

• Maximum area for glass panel: 1500X3000 mm, glass thickness: 50 mm.
• Acoustic attenuation of RW-45dB.
• Partition without steel poles, only with gluing – All Glass!
• Tested and approved by the Standards Institute of Israel according to IS 931 and EN 13501-2.
• Glass panels connections using black / gray silicon to a clean and elegant look.
• Durability and thermal insulation for 156 minutes, without the need for sprayers!
• Only the partition frame is with steel profiles.

• The frame can be placed inside the wall for an integral All Glass look.
• Finishing can be done in any material (wood / gypsum / aluminum / steel).
• You can get rounded corners to the entire height of the partition starting from a radius of 500 mm.
• The partition fits in perfectly with the glazed fire door.

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