MetalGuard S® E-30 Smoke doors


A well-designed glazed smoke door that meets the requirements of IS 1212/3, type E-30 and Ensures sealing against hot smoke penetration!

The glass smoke doors manufactured and installed by Metalpress are designed and built in cooperation with the leading companies in the world: ASSA ABLOY, VOESTALPINE, In order to accurately meet the safety needs and designs in full.

All of the company’s products are CUSTOM MADE, so that you can enjoy maximum compatibility with the dimensions of the building and the architectural requirements, while maintaining all the requirements of the standard and the required levels of protection.

  • Single / double wing smoke door has a 200 ° C E-30 heat resistant glass.
  • Complies with Israeli Standard 1212/3.
  • Unique peripheral seals.
  • Dynamic Bottom Seal for Complete lamination of the space between the wing and the floor.
  • VOESTALPINE Steel profile.
  • 50,000 operating cycles.
  • Various shoeing options Includes ASBA ABLOY electronic locks: EI-420 / EI-460 / EI-490 / EI-432 / EI-060.
  • ASSA ABLOY’s panic handles come in a natural shade with stainless steel / aluminum bars.
  • The steel profiles are painted with electrostatic paint in the oven, in a shade chosen by the architect / customer.
  • Exclusive for Metalpress: a two-wing glass fire door that meets the requirements of IS 1212/1 and the installation requirements in Chapter, Which requires installation of a pair of panic handles that will allow the opening of each wing separately (see regulation) *.

*Two-way door – If a two-way door is installed in the doorway, due to duty due to occupancy calculations, each wing will have its own mechanism installed. Do not install a mechanism whose opening depends on the opening of the adjacent wing.

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