These fire and smoke curtains are the ideal solution for openings where no other mean such as foldable shutters, smoke doors or any other barrier can be applied and which can be physically or aesthetically distressing.

The reason for the use of fire/smoke curtains can be aesthetic, architectural, technical or functional requirement.

The curtains are motorized by designated motors. They conform to the strict European standards for Fire & Smoke Curtains, and which are also accepted by the Israeli Fire Authorities.

The curtains are manufactured precisely according to the designer’s specifications and conform to the European Standard and UL – American Standard.

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Applications for Fire & Smoke Curtains

  • The fire and smoke curtains are reinforced with steel wire and glass fibers and do not take up ceiling space.
  • The resistance to fire is: 30 minutes, 1 hours, 2 hours and 3 hours – according to the requirements of Fire Authorities.
  • The curtains are manufactured by the most cutting edge technology. They are fire rated and maintain aesthetical and compact installation.
  • The fire and smoke curtains remain invisibly retracted until activated.
  • The curtains carry a Fail-Safe mechanism, allowing activation in case of power failure.
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