When fire breaks out at closed buildings, the generated smoke and heat are the main cause of death and increased number of casualties. The spreading heat and smoke also cause quick spreading of the fire in the space, away from the source of fire.

The immediate action required is quickly releasing the smoke by ventilating the space and by creating clear way out for people entrapped in the building.

Natural smoke ventilation is done by designated opening elements, using the principle of thermal lift to get this layer into the open air while it is still in the development phase.

Advanced smoke release and flame retardant applications

Metalpress has pioneered in Israel the development of smoke release systems. Our company specializes in protecting and saving lives and is capable to provide applicable solutions designed for different type of buildings.

Metalpress produces and installs a wide variety of automatic ventilation opening elements, smoke windows, smoke shutters and domes, which are especially designed to fit the architectural type of the building and the quick smoke release requirements.

We also carry a wide selection of motors and sophisticated controls enabling quick activation of the ventilation openings in emergencies, or in the need of natural ventilation.

Metalpress carries the largest range of actuators for any type of ventilation openings: Linear motors, Spring Return Motors and others manufactured by Belimo.

Metalpress is the sole representative in Israel of the leading German companies in the area of Smoke Release Systems: SIMON RWA and D&H Germany.

All the equipment supplied by Metalpress complies with the European Standard EN 12101 and its sub parts, and with the new Israeli standard regarding smoke release systems.

Metalpress conforms to the rigid planning and building regulations, fire safety requirements, Standard 1001 and its entire sub parts.