Metalpress also serves as 3M – Israel sole representative in Israel and is authorized to perform the installations of 3M’s Fire Barrier systems and devices.

During the last 40 years, 3M has developed a wide range of innovative firestop devices and products designed to help protect buildings from the spread of fire.

The fire barrier products were tested and approved by the American and European fire test authorities among them: EN, CE, UL/FM, ASTM.

The products are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke in piping accesses, electrical and communication cables passing through floors, beams, electrical rooms, etc.

The products are easy to install and adhere to almost any material such as: concrete, gypsum, metal, plastic, wood and insulation materials.

They are an ideal application for blank openings, metal pipe access, plastic pipes, cables, cable trays, insulated tubes, ducts and joints.

The flexible ducts wraps used to fire rate commercial kitchen grease ducts as well as ventilation ducts. The duct wraps conform with required UL Standard and with 1001-6 Standard.

Fire rated products are used for fire rated walls, floors, ceilings and water tight materials. The fire rated products meet the Israeli Standard 931 and 755.

יריעות קרמיות ומיגון אש פסיבי (PFP)
יריעות קרמיות ומיגון אש פסיבי (PFP)
יריעות קרמיות ומיגון אש פסיבי (PFP)