More than fifty year ago, Metalpress was the first in Israel to start producing high quality, modernly designed aluminum accessories for central air condition systems. Since then we have been offering a full range of products needed to handle the desired diffusion in the ever changing variety of air conditioned systems.

The esthetics of these product are as important as their quality and functionality since in most cases they are the only part of the AC system visible to the end user. As such their design and finish are of major concern to the architects, the interior designers and last but not least to the end users.


Metalpress’ R&D department is constantly in close contact with all a.m. factors searchin for the best way to continuously satisfy their needs and requests. This led among others to the development of curved diffusers following the lines and shapes of the of the designed walls.

Due to the high quality and aggressively competitive pricing Metalpress is a valued supplier to many customers abroad – mainly in Europe.