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Glass Fire Doors

Metalpress supplies a wide range of glass fire doors and/or partitions conforming to the Israel and foreign standards with the purpose of preventing, during the designed period, the spread of fire from one zone to another thus providing needed protection to inhabitants and giving them chance to escape.

Fire doors

In addition to locking arrangements there is alternative of lever or panic handles.

Unlike standard steel constructed doors, Metalpress glass doors or partitions, with their slim stainless steel frames provide a see-through elegant look and atmosphere.

The sizes are according to the designer’s (within the limits of maximal) size and the doors conform to all rules requested by the Israel standard 1212.

The fire doors are supplied in different single or double wing formations.

The frames are electrostatic painted in a variety of RAL colors as requested by the designer. The locking systems are as requested by the designer and conform to EI90/EI120.

Fire walls and fire partitions

We produce and install transparent fire resistant partitions as conforming to the Israel Standard 931 part 3.

Our partitions are classified as fire withstanding 90-120 m and insulating according EI90/EI120.

The partitions are made of 45mm thick fire resistant glass and stainless steel profile frames.

They are used in cases when elegant fire rated partition is needed to create separation between given areas Due to the strength of the supporting frames curtain walls high up to 12 meters need no additional support and fire doors can be incorporated within the partitions.