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Since central air conditioning was massively introduced in Israel in the late sixties of the past century, Metalpress has been the leader in the development and production of air grilles and diffusers.

Working in close collaboration with air condition consultant on one side and with architects and interior designers on the other side, we are producing a wide range of products to fit the requested performance of treated air distribution while giving highest priiroity to the estetic look of our products.

Furthermore, we developed capacities, when needed ,even  to make our products blend with curved surface of the walls and ceilings of the different projects.

Our METALPRESS ART line offers a wide choice of artistic finishes on the product surfaces.

Due to a.m. facts as to our competitive prices and post sale service Metalpress International has between successfully marketing our products also in many European and other foreign markets. 

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Leading Products

SDML – Linear Slot Diffuser

Decor – Air Linear Grille

DS – Round Ceiling Diffuser

Jet-T Diffuser

מפזרי SDML-Slot דקורטיביים
מפזרים קוויים דקור אוויר – Decor
מפזר DS לתקרות נמוכות
מפזר ג'ט - JET-T

The highly decorative SDML modular linear diffusers are designed for variable air volume systems. They project a uniform blanket of air that adheres to the ceiling even at low rates.

Decoratively designed linear aluminium grilles.

They feature fixed horizontal aluminum blades of 0, 15 or 30 degrees deflections, and can be supplied in one or two-sided deflection

Suitable for acoustical or decorative ceilings of normal height.

All aluminium construction.

The detachable core offers free access to the integral butterfly plastic volume damper.

Due to their capacity of delivering large air volumes at long throw and low noise level Jet-T diffusers are suitable for large size spaces such as theaters, concert halls, airports, museums and entertainment facilities