Classification 1001 entails a periodical inspection and maintenance.

Metalpress provides annual inspection services for critical systems which lifesaving and protecting during fire spread.

In addition, Metalpress provides maintenance services that include proper functioning. This preventive service is essential in order to maintain the efficient functioning of the HVAC system along time and to reduce wear and tear on the systems.

Periodical inspection and Maintenance – meticulousness every minute.

Fire Dampers

Classification 1001 requires periodical check once every 2 years. This check must be performed by an authorized company only. The authorizations are given by the manufacturer only.

Smoke Release Openings

A check must be performed annually on all the control systems which are either blocked or improperly function. The authorization is given by the supplier, in accordance with the classification requirements.

Firestop (Fire Dampers, Fire Curtains)

In cases of modifications performed in the buildings due to modified piping systems, a periodical inspection will be required to examine the proper functioning of firestop systems.

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