Choosing the appropriate smoke vent actuator is essential for any natural smoke release systems.

It is important to analyze the effective zone for smoke release in order to fit the actuator to the vent opening.

All actuators conform to the Israeli Standard: 1001-2/4 and 21927-2 (in progress) & European Standard: EN12101-2.

Actuators can be supplied in any desired RAL color – additional payment.

All our actuators manufactured by the leading German companies: Simon RWA and D+H.


Applications for Smoke Release Actuators

The actuators can be installed on hinged windows, upon which chain motors will be installed and which will enable the stroke length to ensure wide opening of at least 600 deg. from wing size.

For sliding windows and domes, linear actuators are required. The weight of the window and wind loads pressure should be calculated.

For openings with greater window weight, such as Sky Light, or windows in curtain walls, high power actuators are required, which are designed for greater loads and which will allow no movement of the window when open. The Folding Arm2 actuators are used for this purpose.